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ACRES provides a variety of capital solutions to its customers and specializes in loans and equity investments from $2 million to $25 million nationwide. The majority of Company investments will be in first mortgages (via new originations or discounted acquisitions) as numerous current opportunities exist to provide its clients with the additional capitol they need as a result of illiquidity in today’s environment. 


Bridge Loans/First Mortgages:

Bridge loans and first mortgages provide financing to borrowers seeking:

  • Traditional acquisitions
  • Properties with a rehabilitation component
  • Properties out of foreclosure
  • Refinancing proceeds
  • Debt buy backs
  • Properties with repositioning strategies

Mezzanine Loans/Preferred Equity:

Mezzanine Loans and Preferred Equity Investments provide borrowers access to greater proceeds than available through conventional first mortgage financing sources. Mezzanine Loans or Preferred Equity provide real estate operators the opportunity to retain a larger portion of property ownership and related upside as opposed to syndicating their equity stakes to fill the capital gap.   

Discounted Note Acquisitions:

ACRES actively seeks out financing opportunities for acquisition of defaulted or distressed notes at discounted prices from lending institutions across the United States.