Mark Fogel of ACRES Capital LLC, to speak and sponsor at the Crittenden Multifamily Conference on March 6-8, 2016!

JERICHO, NY (January 7, 2016) – ACRES Capital, LLC (“ACRES”) announced today that Mark Fogel, President and Chief Executive Officer of ACRES, is scheduled to participate as a panelist at the Crittenden Multifamily Conference. ACRES is also a Silver Sponsor for the conference, which will take place on March 6-8, 2016 in Dallas, Texas.

Date:              Monday, March 7, 2016 (2:30pm – 3:30pm)

Place:            The Hilton Dallas Lincoln Centre, Dallas, Texas.

Topic:            Bridge and Balance Sheet, Serve It Up!

Moderator:     Vic Clark – Hunt Mortgage Group

Panelists:       Mark Fogel – ACRES Capital, LLC
Dror Goldberg – Ilan Holdings
Michael Becktel – Hunt Mortgage Group
Duke Stone – Churchill Capital Co., LLC