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“ACRES Capital is an excellent lender and a solid team of reputable professionals… They kept their word on everything they represented to us and delivered our loan closing in a very timely fashion… It’s great knowing that my company can look to ACRES to custom tailor and structure financing to our needs given the many complexities and moving parts in some of our real estate transactions. I have no doubts that I will come back to ACRES for many more deals in the future and would recommend them to anyone in need of financing.”

kk-logoJesse Shemesh, CPA
Portfolio Manager
Kite and Key Realty Group, LLC


“[ACRES Capital] set themselves apart from the other lenders with their ability to quickly and fully understand the transaction and to structure & price the loan appropriately.  My experience with the ACRES team pre- and post-closing has been excellent both personally and professionally.  The best testament I can offer is that I would not hesitate to work with them again on our future transactions.”

building-grey-new-1Erik Dowling
The SilverBrick Group


“We have found our experience with ACRES Capital to be one where they have been consistently thorough and have executed and continue to execute on every aspect of the loan as they said they would from the inception of the loan.  The experience has felt more like a partnership with ACRES Capital rather than your typical lender/borrower relationship.”

Grander Capital Partners


“ACRES Capital is an exceptional lender that combines integrity, dependability, and collaboration throughout the capitalization process.  From the initial recognition of the value proposition through servicing the funded agreement, ACRES Capital can be thought of as a dependable partner that contributes valuable trust and insight alongside capital.”

transNick Azizi