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Turn to ACRES, a CRE partner who can provide end-to-end solutions fast.

Middle Market Lending from ACRES

Expertise is everything when it comes to closing a deal fast. In addition to solid financial backing and quick approval, your lender must be a real estate professional with deep knowledge of pre-development, construction, adaptive reuse, multi-family conversions, lease ups and more. At ACRES we provide this, and so much more.

End-to-End Financing

Which you’ll benefit from at every phase of your investment, whether it be immediate capital to secure the asset, a bridge loan to stabilize it or a permanent loan to support it for the long run. Unlike lenders who stop at bridge loans, ACRES provides one-stop financing able to grow with your vision. 

Certainty & Speed

At ACRES the financials of every transaction are swiftly analyzed and concerns addressed before unanticipated surprises arrive. We expose weaknesses immediately, so deals get done fast and with certainty.

Your Lender is your Contact

Unlike many firms, all financial transactions are held on an ACRES balance sheet. With our In-House Asset Management and Servicing, when questions arise, you’ll be speaking to your actual lender – a person who knows your loan, not a third party.

Value Creation

Phase 1

Value Creation

$15 Million – $100 Million

1-3 years

We provide floating rate debt solutions for entitled land, construction, adaptive reuse projects, and property redevelopment.


Phase 2


$15 Million – $100 Million

3-5 years

Congratulations on completing Phase 1! ACRES provides you the time to lease up and stabilize your property.


Phase 3


$15 Million – $100 Million

5-15 years

Leased up and nowhere to go?  We can provide you with a long-term, fixed rate loan solution for your property. Flexible rates and structures available.

The Power of Getting There

While the journey to realizing your commercial real estate vision is important, completing your project successfully is the primary goal. ACRES’ end-to-end solutions ensure projects move forward swiftly, securely, and with few obstacles. With ACRES’ support, fortunes are made, homes are built, businesses come to life, and lives are changed. “Getting There” opens up a world of opportunity. Achieve that power with ACRES.

Partner with ACRES and experience The Power of Getting There

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